The benefits of self-hypnosis are almost limitless. Follow these self-hypnosis instructions to get the most out of it.

Time for yourself
In our current lifestyle – and especially with the busyness and stress that comes with combining work and family – we tend to spend very little time on ourselves. Still, making time for self-hypnosis is a critical success factor. The good news is that you only need to set aside 20 to 25 minutes for it. Many people opt for the evening just before going to sleep. But listening in the morning or in the afternoon works just as well. Whatever time of day you choose, it has no impact on effectiveness. Just try it out and find out what works best for you.

A quiet place
It is important that you listen to the self-hypnosis audio in a quiet and safe place where you will not be disturbed. A place where you are comfortable and free to relax your body and mind, away from the daily distractions. On your bed or on a sofa or comfortable chair, whichever you find most comfortable. Make sure that possible distractions such as your phone are removed or turned off and that your children, your partner or the postman cannot disturb you. Concentration is a key factor for successful self-hypnosis, and your focus can be easily interrupted by outside noise. So, if there are others around you, kindly ask them to leave you alone for a while. Explain the process of self-hypnosis so that they understand why it is important not to be disturbed.

Note: Because of its sleep-like state, self-hypnosis should never be done while operating machinery, driving a car, or anything else that requires your conscious attention.

How to listen
Make sure you are in a comfortable position. The most natural position for relaxation is on your back in a reclining chair, couch or bed with both arms at your sides. Experiment and find out what works best for you. I recommend listening through earphones, this gives you the feeling that the words are being entered directly into your mind, this can help you stay focused. Earphones can also help block out distractions and other outside noise.

The power of repetition
It is very important to listen to the (same) audio every day: our mind learns by repetition. New neural pathways are created and deepened by repetition. Listening at about the same time and place every day can help maintain regular listening. By relaxing at the same time and time every day, you help condition your body for the hypnotic response. It acts as an anchor for the experience and the state of hypnosis will then be reached much more easily. Over time, it will become very natural and you can relax almost anywhere. In the beginning, familiarity can support the process.

Relax and let go
The most important success factor is to relax, go with the flow and let everything happen naturally. Hypnosis is a completely natural state of mind, just like the feeling before going to sleep at night and waking up in the morning. There is no right or wrong way to get into hypnosis, but it’s important that you don’t try to force it. It’s a bit like trying to fall asleep: if you try to fall asleep, it won’t happen. Like sleep, hypnosis is a natural process, so let yourself go and experience it by giving yourself permission to relax and let go.

Enjoy the process
We are so used to always being ‘on’ that we often forget how to relax and let go of the daily stress and pressure. That is why letting go and relaxing is often not easy for us. There is no better way to achieve relaxation than with self-hypnosis, so my advice is to believe in yourself and your ability to let go and enjoy the process. Practice makes perfect, so try it every day and be kind to yourself if it doesn’t work right away.

Make it familiar
Every time you listen to a self-hypnosis audio, you condition yourself to relax easier, deeper, and better the next time. The self-hypnosis audios are made in such a way that each suggestion accepted by your subconscious clears the way for the next. The same goes for relaxing: when you are relaxed and know that you have relaxed well and deeply, it will happen a little faster the next time you do it. Once you become familiar with how it feels, the state of hypnosis will come easier each time. Your body learns through experience.

Commitment and motivation
Another important factor in making self-hypnosis a success is your commitment and motivation. This means listening regularly, preferably daily for at least 21 days, and longer if necessary. You may think you’re too busy for that, but for self-hypnosis to work, a certain level of dedication is essential. Find time to listen. If you don’t have the time or can’t find it, you can’t expect to reap the rewards.

You are worth the investment in yourself
If you want to change something in your life, the first step is to make time for yourself. This may take effort and organization but remember that you are worth it. Make a habit of listening to the self-hypnosis audio regularly, just like the habit of going to sleep at night and waking up in the morning. For example, listening right before you go to sleep or just after you wake up is a healthy way to start or end your day. And, like everything in life, the more you do something, the better you get at it. The same goes for self-hypnosis.

Successful transformation
Your success depends on your dedication to yourself and your willingness to go all out. My self-hypnosis audios offer you the path to freedom from subconscious barriers on your own terms (a time and place that suits you best).