Why work on your mental fitness?

Only 20 percent of individuals reach their true potential. Large-scale research (500k participants from 50 countries) shows that 80 percent of individuals are mostly guided by inner saboteurs or negative voices that emanate from the survival brain. Complex challenges, on the other hand, require creativity, innovation, empathy and focused action, which emanate from other parts of your brain.

The PQ Mental Fitness Program is designed to help you use your brain positively so that you can face complex challenges with calmness, confidence and decisiveness, resulting in better results while maintaining peace of mind.

Mental fitness is measured in PQ (Positive Intelligence Quotient): the strength of your positive mental muscles (Sage) versus the negative mental muscles (Saboteur):

Research with 500,000 participants has shown PQ to be the best predictor of how happy you are and how well you perform relative to your potential.

Create change that lasts

Research on happiness confirms that people generally fall back to what social scientists call their “baseline happiness level” shortly after events or accomplishments that significantly boost happiness. This includes large lottery winners.

Think about your own life. How long did your increased happiness last once you attained the things you were certain that would make you happier? Think about the many books you read and the numerous training sessions you attended in the hopes of increasing your own work performance or overall happiness. What percentage lasted?

Chances are that the motivation and improvements fizzled or eroded . The question is: Why? One word: Sabotage. We sabotage our own development, improvement and growth. We are our own worst enemy.

Unless you tackle and weaken your own internal enemies – Saboteurs – they will do their best to rob you of any improvements you make. Ignoring your Saboteurs is analogous to planting a beautiful new garden while allowing voracious snails roam freely.

Mental fitness, just like physical fitness, is a lifelong journey. The 8-week PQ Mental Fitness program lays the foundation for ease and flow for the rest of your life.

You can take charge

This is where PQ mental fitness can help. The practice takes you to the frontlines of the unceasing battle raging in your mind. On one side of this battlefield are the invisible Saboteurs, who wreck any attempt at increasing either your happiness or your performance. On the other side is your Sage, who has access to your wisdom, insights and often untapped mental powers. Your Saboteurs and your Sage are literally fueled by different regions of your physical brain and are strengthened when you activate those regions.

As such, the internal war between your Saboteurs and your Sage is tied to a war for domination between the different parts of your brain. The strength of your Saboteurs, compared to the strength of your Sage, determines your PQ level and how much of your true potential you actually achieve.

You have two distinct regions in your brain

Recent advances in functional MRI (fMRI), a technique that measures how neural activity changes blood flow, have allowed scientists and psychologists to witness the real-time working of the brain for the very first time.

We are now able to pinpoint the regions of the brain involved in producing different thoughts or feelings and identify the neural functions involved with the activation of Saboteurs and the Sage.

The Thrive Region: Your Inner Sage

Your Sage lives in the middle prefrontal cortex, “empathy circuitry” and sections of the right brain.

The Sage generates positive emotions while handling life’s challenges. These include empathy, compassion, gratitude, curiosity, creativity, and calm, clear-headed laser-focused action. This region is wired for creativity and big picture awareness of what is important and the best course of action.

Activating this region results in release of endorphins that counter the negative impacts of stress-induced cortisol.

The Survive Region: Your Inner Saboteurs

Saboteurs exist in an entirely different part of your brain: the brainstem, limbic system and parts of the left brain.

Saboteurs are the voices in your head that generate negative reactions and emotions when you handle life’s challenges. They produce much of your stress, anxiety, self-doubt, anger, shame, guilt, frustration, and mind chatter.

These negative emotions are only helpful for a second as they alert you to dangers or issues. However, staying in these emotions hurts your ability to see clearly and choose the most impactful response.

The Three Muscles of Mental Fitness

To conquer your Saboteurs, you must exercise and build three mental muscles. The PQ Mental Fitness Program helps you strengthen all three muscles.

The Survive Region: Your Inner Saboteurs

Saboteurs generate all of your negative emotions, including stress, anxiety, self-doubt, anger, avoidance, procrastination, insensitivity, and discontent. Mental fitness requires the ability to intercept and discredit the Saboteurs.

If you experience negative emotion for more than one second, you are in Saboteur mode. Label your thoughts and emotions in that moment as “Saboteur” and let them go. To be able to do that, you need to have studied your Saboteurs and discredited their lies and limiting beliefs.

Self-Command Muscle

A strong self-command muscle boosts your ability to control your mind to quiet the Saboteur region and amplify the Sage region. Using simple daily exercises, you will learn to run your brain rather than allow your Saboteur-hijacked brain to run you.   

Strengthening the self-command muscle allows us to silence the Saboteurs. With self-command, you can push away self-doubts, recover from disappointments immediately, and spend less time in anger, regret or blame.

10-second PQ Reps are powerful ways to command your mind to quiet the region where your Saboteurs live and activate the region where your Sage lives. Every time you feel a negative emotion and identify the responsible Saboteurs, you do PQ Reps to pause and choose a Sage response.

Sage Muscle

Your Sage is the power within you that handles challenges with a clear, calm mind and positive emotions. 

It has access to your five primary powers: Empathize, Explore, Innovate, Navigate, and Activate. Once you have activated your Sage brain through PQ Reps, you can access these powers. For peak performance, you learn to boost all five powers and know when to use which power.

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