How RTT works

An RTT trajectory liberates you from internal saboteurs and gives you new energy for the next step in your life. I have the experience, skills and tools to work with you to solve problems and get your life back on track.

This is what a 4-week RTT trajectory looks like:

Before the session

Prior to the RTT session, during an online intake, we will discuss what we will work on in the session. We will cover your goals, symptoms, and desired outcomes.


The sessions are held in my practice in Amsterdam or from the comfort of your own home via a Zoom video session.

The session itself

Step 1

Identify the root cause

After a short induction in hypnosis, or rather a deep relaxation, I will guide you to identify the root cause of your limiting behaviour or problem. During hypnosis you respond naturally. You are not sleeping, but you are very relaxed but still aware. You can compare it to when you daydream and lose track of time or get completely absorbed in a movie. In the deep relaxation or trance, your mind relaxes and you are connected to your subconscious mind, giving you access to hidden memories, feelings and beliefs. Your subconscious has stored every detail and every memory of your life. By asking the right questions, we gain insight into the cause of the unwanted behavior that is getting in your way.

Step 2

Interrupt the pattern

Then we interrupt the root cause and the associated automatic programs by making it clear at the subconscious level that these interpretations are made by you as a child and are no longer relevant or helpful in your adult life and can therefore be canceled. You are immediately liberated from the old beliefs that kept you in a vicious circle. We are redefining existing beliefs so that they no longer have a place in your belief system.


Rewire the mind

The last part of the session consists of a hypnotic transformation that I will record and send to you after the session so that you can listen to it at least once a day for the following 21 days. With this you will overwrite the limiting thoughts and beliefs. In a hypnotic state, your subconscious mind is very receptive to new interpretations, concepts and suggestions, so that positive, empowering thoughts about yourself and your behavior can be absorbed into your subconscious brain. Using repetition and command-like suggestions, we program your brain with thoughts and beliefs that reflect how you are at your best. This will set you free and lead you to the life you have always wanted.

After the session

Listening to the transformation is absolutely necessary to rewire your brain. Your brain needs at least 21 days to adopt a new belief. During this time, I will encourage and support you to ensure that you continue to listen and these new positive beliefs have a lasting effect on your life. About three weeks after the session, we have an evaluation meeting during which we discuss the result so far and what may still be needed.

The effectiveness of RTT means that you usually only need one and a maximum of three trajectories to transform a problem in your life.

A session lasts between 90 and 150 minutes.

You do such beautiful and clever work, I wish everyone a 'Sandra'! I am very grateful that you crossed my path. Thanks for that.

Carola, 41

Working with Sandra was a life-changing experience. She helped me identify and quickly recover my deepest blocks to achieve greater balance in my life with new heights in personal life and work/career.

André, 48 

You break through 'something'. After that, you are who you want to be, who you really are and who you can always rely on. All obstacles are gone. Best gift-to-self ever I can say afterwards.

Merel, 48 

Your guidance, your loving, warm and above all sympathetic approach has given me the results I so desired.

Els, 53 

I have balance back in my life and I feel very strong!

Maddy, 57

I genuinely feel Sandra helped me to change my life.

Rochelle, 28

I am the living example that RTT just works!

Dirk, 50

Sandra provides a warm and safe holding space to let go, have faith and trust

Philline, 32

Sandra silenced my inner critic.

Igor, 35 

It feels I got to know parts of myself that I didn't know before

Robine, 18