PQ Mental Fitness

Build powerful habits for a positive life to increase your performance and happiness with a clear, calm and open mind.

You are in the prime of your life. You have achieved success in your personal and professional life through hard work, determination and experience. And yet you know you can do so much more. You can grow, explore and expand further. You can experience a new level of peace and confidence in any situation life throws at you.

If only you could overcome your own unhelpful mental habits and self-sabotage!

As a mental fitness coach for ambitious and driven international professionals who, too often, get in the way of themselves, I offer an extensively researched, tried and tested method to transform your mental fitness. I will help you create lasting change, setting yourself up for success AND happiness.

My 8-week program includes coaching, daily interventions, easy exercises and positive reinforcement to build the mental muscles that WILL transform your life.

You will work together with people who, just like you, aspire to get more out of their lives by breaking through those old bad habits and bringing ease, focus, strength, and peace back into your life.

The program offers a unique interactive mobile app that provides daily, impactful practices and exercises, weekly videos and useful reflection mechanisms. It will actively help you gain insight and create sustained habits to strengthen the muscles in your brain that affect both your success and your peace of mind. 

Are you just surviving when, in fact, you should be thriving?

Most attempts at positive change fail because we tend to only acquire insight into the cause without building new habits. Sustained change towards a more positive mind requires laying down neural pathways to form new habits through consistent daily practice. That is what the PQ Mental Fitness program empowers you to do.

The PQ Mental Fitness program is for you if you want to:

✅ manage stress better

✅ be in charge of your reactions

✅ reduce negative emotions

✅ eliminate self-sabotaging behaviors 

✅ improve your performance and effectiveness

✅ manage your moods

✅ put an end to anxiety controlling your life

✅ form stronger relationships

✅ enhance your emotional intelligence

✅ refine your leadership skills

✅ be a positive role model for your kids

✅ increase your personal happiness and peace

Build and improve your mental fitness to end self-sabotage for good.

I can help you remove your self-limiting mental blockers, build and maintain healthy relationships with those you care for the most, take action, and achieve the goals you set in your life and career.


From the day we are born, we create behavior based on what we experience. Repeated action becomes an automatic habit which cannot be changed by thought alone. In the PQ Mental Fitness Program, we use the powerful 10-second PQ Rep technique as a way of intercepting outdated responses, so we can pause and choose a new response that is in line with our current reality and needs. 

Repetition results in new neural pathways (muscles) to counter the old muscles. That is why the training results in sustained change, as opposed to results fading over time. Mental fitness is about building mental muscles and not just stopping at insights.

Ready to improve your performance, find peace of mind and build better relationships? The PQ Mental Fitness Program is designed to help you take charge of your life and reclaim your power.

Your mind is your best friend, but it can also be your worst enemy.

Your mind is constantly sabotaging your potential for both performance and happiness. All your negative emotions, including stress, anxiety, insecurity, anger, and procrastination, are the result of self-sabotage. 

It is your mind’s job to focus on the negative to keep you alive. Its job is not to make you happy. You are in charge of that yourself. In order to take the reins, you need to start controlling your mind: its inner saboteurs and critical voices. 

The PQ Mental Fitness Program was designed to help control your mind and set you up for lifelong success in just eight weeks. 


8 week program

  • Obtain insight into your self-sabotage patterns 
  • Gain powerful new habits
  • Learn to respond to life’s challenges with a positive mindset

App-guided, daily interaction

  • Feel guided, supported and motivated
  • Join people like yourself in weekly coaching sessions
  • Track and improve your personal progress on a daily basis

Sustained change

  • Perform better
  • Acquire continued peace of mind
  • Enjoy better relationships

The PQ Mental Fitness Program has consistently received
the following feedback:

🌟 Reduced stress

🌟 More focus and concentration

🌟 Ability to pause between stimulus and response

🌟 Better relationships

🌟 Healthier sleep

🌟 Awareness of negative thoughts

🌟 Improved organizational skills

🌟 Feeling calm throughout the day

🌟 Increased self-awareness

🌟 Improved ability to make clear decisions

🌟 More stable mental state, less rumination

🌟 Increased resilience in the face of challenges

🌟 More inner peace

🌟 Positive outlook

🌟 Increased capacity to be present

🌟 Getting into flow more easily

What previous students say

“Going into the program I was suffering quite badly from anxiety and stress. I just could not switch off the racing heart and the physical sensations of anxiety. This program was the real key to unlocking that. It brought me a huge amount of peace. I didn’t think that something as simple as “thinking differently” could actually translate into an improvement in the way I felt physically. But it really really did. I has made a massive difference.”

Amanda Spiteri
Director Marketing and Sales, Liberty Global

“This [program] has been an extraordinary gift. The concepts are phenomenal — a true revelation in the way to think and handle work and life’s challenges. Besides the lasting impact on myself, I’ve loved hearing how many people this has touched in my company.”

Jessica Herrin
CEO, Stella & Dot

The program is very well structured, easy to follow and fun to do. It brings insight, mind shifts and deep transformation. The app is excellent, well designed and invites and rewards you to keep to the practice. The weekend sessions are excellent: very insightful, eye-opening and they provide a lot of clarity about how your mind works.

Noa Lodeizen
Director, Ahoka Netherlands

"The 8 weeks program brought me clarity. It helped me identify what is mine, what I am scared of, what I resonate with, and what is external: 'the Saboteurs'. It showed me how to listen to my intuition. It helped me take that pause, that moment to look inside and see if ‘this is really’ me or if it is an external thought that I can say: ‘thank you and goodbye’ to, and discover what I really want."

Veronica Guguian
Founder, SPIN Ideas & BASE Conference

The gym for your mind

Training your brain to be positive and resilient is much the same as training your muscles in the gym. You go to the gym to strengthen your physical muscles, become more flexible, and have better balance. Training your physical body allows you to effortlessly do everyday activities such as walking, carrying groceries, playing with your kids or pets, and overall feeling strong.


Your mind is exactly the same! 

The mental fitness equivalent of a gym workout is to find 5 to 15 minutes a day to sit quietly and bring attention to your body and senses, activating the part of your brain that easily bypasses the outdated mental programs of the saboteurs (PQ reps). This process is called a PQ workout.

These PQ workouts are deeply relaxing and charge up your physical and emotional batteries, allowing you to respond to everyday challenges in a calm, focused and positive manner.

The program will train you to do regular PQ workouts by doing PQ reps to activate the positive parts of your brain, all without having to do 60 minutes of meditation or mindfulness sessions.

Science-based method to train your mind for ease and flow

The PQ Mental Fitness Program was developed by Stanford lecturer Shirzad Chamine and provides you with tools and techniques based on groundbreaking research and best practices in neuroscience, performance science, cognitive behavioral psychology, and positive psychology. 

In his book, Positive Intelligence, Shirzad Chamine reveals the groundbreaking research behind the PQ Mental Fitness Program. The tools and techniques in this book have been refined over years of coaching hundreds of CEOs and their executive teams. It explains how to achieve your true potential for both professional success and personal fulfillment. 

Positive Intelligence is an insightful book that identifies those internal voices (Saboteurs) that undermine self-confidence and prevent us from achieving our potential.

In a clear and practical way, Chamine describes the actions that quiet those voices to allow us to listen to our internal Sage.

David L. Bradford, PhD,

Senior Lecturer Emeritus, Stanford University

Improve your mental well-being in just 8 weeks

The 8-week PQ Mental Fitness Program is designed to give you insight, motivation and structure through 15 minutes of daily practice. 

The program combines weekly video sessions with daily app-guided exercises to strengthen your three key mental muscles:


  • Your Saboteur Interceptor Muscle: recognizing and intercepting self-sabotage
  • Your Sage Muscle: developing the deeper and wiser part of you
  • Your Self-Command Muscle: strengthening self-direction

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8 weeks of ground breaking tools and techniques to reclaim your power, including coaching, guidance, connection, progress measurement and accountability: €1195

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