About me

My name is Sandra de Gelder and I live in Amsterdam with my two children. As a certified RTT hypnotherapist I guide people on the way to their highest potential. I can’t think of a more rewarding job! In my lovely practice in the heart of Amsterdam I would like to show you around your own subconscious mind, so that you can transform deeply rooted, outdated beliefs and patterns.

Body-mind connection

All my life I have was obsessed with the body-mind connection. As a child I always wondered why people do the things they do. Or why they don’t. Why certain things seem to come natural for some and are so difficult for others. Why I sensed things when there was no clear reason or evidence for it. Over and over in my life I saw the impact of my mind play out in my body and after researching and studying the subconscious mind, I discovered that it applies to everyone. Everyone has this inner wisdom. Our subconscious mind, our body, is incomparably intelligent. It is what my purpose and contribution is based on: every person is perfect how and where they are. I help people accept this, so that they can peel off the protection mechanisms and experience their core. This will allow them to feel connected and experience peace, contentment, and flow in their life.

From midlife struggle to growth

I made a detour to that core. I came from an outward-looking life. For fear of failure and ruin, in the grip of false certainties. I learned a lot from that period in my life and now I know that it was my path. I have arrived at a new chapter. I am now who I was supposed be, who I always was. Glimpses of this were already shining through during the first half of my life, but a big midlife struggle turned out to be a springboard to a happy and successful second half.

Living life to the fullest

When you stay close to your core – yourself – you contribute exactly that what you are meant to do here. That is why it makes me genuinely happy to help people break through blocks and limitation to discover and achieve desired outcomes. So that they can live life to the fullest and above all: live the life that is meant for them

Salvation from inner saboteurs

The well-being of my clients is my number one priority, and every salvation makes me happy. I have walked the inner path myself and I know how liberating it is. I wish this for everyone.

Are you ready to silence your inner critic and saboteur once and for all? So that you can experience peace, connection and meaning? And get the most out of your life? I would be so happy to work with you.