My mission

My mission is to contribute to a heartful world in which people stay true to themselves and go through life full of trust and confidence. I help people learn to listen and act according to their hearts instead of their heads. Because by clearing blocks and limiting beliefs you can live the life that is meant for you. And contribute to the world and the people around you.

A heartful world

Any adult who follows their heart and lives their truth will pass this on to a child. Because children see and experience it and then adopt it. I call that living by example. Every liberation from an old pattern or protection mechanism is a step towards a heartful world.

For families

With my company The Good Family I guide parents and their children in navigating life. I help you make choices, look for meaning, find peace, deal with setbacks, let go of expectations and whatever else is needed to achieve a warm and fulfilling family life. By helping you connect with yourself and each other, letting go of limitations and getting into action, I coach you towards a heartful life.