Change is not easy. And we humans don’t like it that much either. It’s not that we don’t want change, but it takes so much time and effort. Because our subconscious mind is programmed to stay alive and change = unsafe. Therefore, it will do anything to keep us away from the unfamiliar and bring is back into familiar territory – which it determines is safe (since we are still alive ;). However, change can be very rewarding. Moreover, change is essential for humanity. I truly believe that we exist to learn and grow. Intellectually ánd emotionally.

And sometimes there is no other way than change. A situation hits you and you simply can’t help but adapt. I am a perfect example of that myself. My transition and road to a new balance were not without pain or difficulty. But above all, they taught me important lessons. Lessons that still help me every day to stay true to myself. Valuable lessons that I would like to share with you.

1. The universe is organized around your success (Claire Zammit)
In other words, everything that happens is good. Even if it doesn’t seem or feel that way at first. Life gives you what you need and what you can handle. I had been restless and confused in my old situation for a while. Why? Because I was sleepwalking. I didn’t want to spend this life sleepwalking. I choose to live and grow, to contribute to the people around me. That was no longer possible in the old position. Therefore I had to be thrown into a new situation that would push me to grow again.

2. Hindsight Window (Eric Edmeades)
Another lesson I learned from my transition was to always look for the hindsight window. The faster after a negative experience you can see the reason for or the purpose of the event (the opportunity for development), the faster you can accept it and let it go. In my life now, when an unpleasant situation arises, I think about what it could bring me. Like when my bike was stolen, I thought: “now I can finally choose a bike that rides well”. Or when I missed a flight: “now I have nothing to do for a few days and can fill it with time for myself”. The result: The most creative ideas, insights and opportunities appeared in my life.

3. Most of our suffering does not come from events but from our thoughts (M. Beck)
Suffering comes from our own thoughts and our interpretation of events. The event itself is nothing but a situation in the past. But what you think about it and, above all, keep thinking about it, creates suffering. The thought creates a certain feeling and that feeling drives your behavior. I learned to feel and accept the feeling. And let go of the thoughts behind it. Or better yet: to turn them around. That seems difficult, because many of our thoughts are unconscious, but with a little practice, it becomes easier. A nice side-effect: you become much more conscious.

4. If something scares you, there is magic on the other side (Kamal Ravikant)
For a long time, I was trapped in fear. Afraid of change, failure, loss. Even when I knew there was no going back. It felt like I was on the edge of an abyss. And if I were to move, I would fall down into the depths, smashing on the rocks. I now know that it is precisely this ability to step over the edge, that has produced the most growth and the greatest happiness in me. It is getting easier for me now to get off that edge. I take risks, I show guts. I use my curiosity. And every time, the fear is a little less and I feel stronger and more powerful.

5. You are the creator of your own life (Joe Dispenza)
In the past I let my environment determine how I felt and what I thought. When I was angry or irritated by another person’s action, I was essentially letting that person control my feelings. When I became aware of this and realized that my feelings and thoughts determine my environment, I turned it around. I immediately saw the effect of my behavior (driven by my thoughts and feelings) on my environment. And on my own state of mind. I was no longer a victim, but the creator of my life and environment. I discovered the potential of this and how I could create my own outcomes myself. I became conscious. And the great thing is: this simple theory applies to everyone!

Change leads to growth, movement, and transformation. It is my job to reveal and redirect limiting thoughts and beliefs. Do you need help with this, and would you like to know more? Please contact me.