“I had gotten pregnant a few times. Then why didn’t it work?”

Ellie is married to Stefan and mother of daughter Pippa-Kae. After many attempts to conceive, she started RTT to fulfill her wish to have children.

“For 12 years we had a wish to have children. For 12 years we tried everything. UI, IVF and finally egg donation. I didn’t think I’d go this far. But if your wish is that strong, you still go ahead. In the past few years, I lost a child twice. A baby boy during a 21-week pregnancy. And a son 12 days after delivery. Then I had another miscarriage. These were very intense and difficult times. Still, we kept trying. Because I just didn’t get it. I lived a healthy life and did everything I could to aid the pregnancy. And I had gotten pregnant a few times. Also in the natural way. Then why didn’t it work?”

Unconscious Blockages

“I heard about RTT through someone else and came into contact with Sandra. She was convinced that I did not get pregnant because of a mental block. Your body may be ready for it – after all, I had experienced that myself – but your subconscious is blocking it due to events from your past. Sandra wanted to find out with me where the blockage was. Despite my doubts because we had already tried so much, it felt good and I decided to do a session.”

Your subconscious as a defense mechanism

“The hypnosis showed that my blockage was caused by the sudden death of my father. I was quite young when he died and apparently I never really got over that. Also, in my later life I have been through a lot of loss. A few years ago, my brother passed away unexpectedly, and I lost two sons. Although I had been very sad, I could not fully allow my grief. I tucked it away. I had to move on. As a result, my grief piled up and my subconscious started working as a kind of defense mechanism. To protect me from more sadness and disappointment.”

After the session I felt lighter. Like something had fallen off my shoulders.

“After the session I felt lighter. Like something had fallen off my shoulders. A week later I had another cryo replacement. For the first time I felt that it would be okay. Sandra had given me a pregnancy test after the session on which she had drawn two blue lines. Her advice was to look at this every day. Three weeks after the RTT session I was pregnant! The pregnancy was of course exciting for me because it had already gone wrong many times. But Sandra texted me during the pregnancy and that gave me confidence again. A year ago we became proud parents of a healthy, sweet and cheerful girl.” 

Three weeks after the RTT session I was pregnant!

From wishes and hopes to trust

“Besides my daughter, RTT has brought me a lot more. I now allow sadness more and I am much more positive in life. Sandra lifted my block and gave me the confidence that it would work. Not by wishing or hoping. But through faith. Moreover, she is such a pleasant, positive person. Everything is sparkling with her, she really gives you energy. Of course, sometimes there is a cause other than the mental aspect that makes it impossible to get pregnant. But RTT has worked for me. The birth of my daughter is proof of that.”