My relationship suddenly ended. The old feeling of rejection came back with a vengance..

Dirk (50) is single and works as a freelance sales consultant for a large telecom company. He chose RTT to permanently break through negative patterns created in his youth.

“Nothing comes easy in life, but I have worked hard to get things done. I do not give up easily. That made me powerful. Yet I have been burdened by my past all my life. I was bullied in primary school and as a teenager I often switched secondary schools. In my father’s eyes, I was never good enough. In short, it was a difficult period that did little good for my self-esteem. I developed a fear of failure and a strong sense of rejection. A few years ago, I was in a great relationship. When it suddenly broke off, I was devastated. The old feeling of rejection came back with a vengance.”

Reset your brain

“I was already familiar with meditation and affirmation and I was already convinced that you can condition yourself with this. With RTT you reprogram your brain, so that immediately appealed to me. After I also felt the click with Sandra, I went for it. I found the RTT session intense. Reliving my past affected me greatly. But also the break-up with my ex. That was still so recent. During the hypnosis Sandra helped me to distance myself from it, but my transformation really started after listening to her audio. By listening the same words every day for 21 days, you instill a new truth in your brain.”

From resistance to shift

“At first I felt a lot of resistance, but as I listened to the audio more and more I felt myself getting stronger and more positive. Last Christmas I was in a mega dip. Because of the RTT session I have recovered and started to do things completely differently. I founded a new company and set an intention for a comfortable interim job. A few months later I was approached by my current client. Of course I had manifested it myself, but the positive shift is thanks to RTT.”

“I can let things go now. As a result, I was finally able to forgive my ex.”

Live according to your values

“RTT provided a severe mirror, confrontational too. Still, it has brought me a lot. I am now closer to my feelings and have more insight into myself. In who I am, what I stand for. What my values ​​are. Right now, I’m not in a relationship and that’s okay. Because I’m enough. I have nice, close friends, earn good money, make conscious choices, and focus on what is important to me. The fear of rejection is still there somewhere, but I’m dealing with it better now. I can let things go. As a result, I was finally able to forgive my ex.”

You can do two things. Either you get stuck in your patterns, or you invest in yourself..