The person I always felt on the inside was not visible on the outside. Inside I felt healthy and slim, but on the outside I was definitely overweight and on the verge of diabetes. No matter what I tried (whether it was the latest exercises or brand new guaranteed diets), nothing worked permanently. Until…. I had a session with Sandra. Only one session. Through RTT with you, Sandra, I finally realized why I was holding onto my extra weight. And, more importantly, how I no longer needed that extra weight. I had my RTT session with you over 2 years ago. Since then I have lost 20 kilos and dropped 4 clothing sizes. I threw away all my clothes and now have a brand new (size S!) wardrobe. I feel fantastic. liberated. Especially permanently freed from the extra kilos. Thanks Sandra! Your guidance, your loving, warm and above all sympathetic approach have given me the results I so wanted.