For as long as I can remember I have struggled with anger and the feeling that I am not enough. I was addicted to drink and drugs for years as a result of a very traumatic childhood. I felt lost and unwanted. My son had his own struggles with anxiety and negative feelings and I couldn’t bear to see my own child as unhappy as me so I went looking for help. I discovered Marisa Peer and RTT and I knew right away that this could be our salvation. After a short search for a therapist in Amsterdam, I found Sandra. I immediately made an appointment for my son. He went to her for a session and after 21 days he was completely transformed. He has no more fears and is now a happy and contented young man. Then I was convinced and went for a session myself. After 21 days of listening to the audio, I too was transformed. I no longer have anger outbursts and I feel super fine. I also stopped smoking and became a full-fledged vegan. In the meantime, I also started training to become an RTT therapist. My self-confidence is rising and I believe that anything is possible and that I finally found my calling. I also experience a sense of ‘joie de vivre’ on a daily basis. Sandra is a great facilitator of transformation. Her sweet, friendly manner made me feel welcome and wanted. I recommend her to anyone who wants to change their life for the better and wants to feel fantastic and let go of old patterns. RTT is truly a revolutionary therapy that works fast and has changed our lives forever. My deepest thanks go to Sandra. She has helped me to remember who I really am.