My son recently had an RTT session with Sandra. Before going for the session, he wasn’t feeling well at all. He was sad and depressed. He struggled with the feeling that he wasn’t enough. He had anxiety and panic attacks and even suicidal thoughts. He also had problems with social connection. After the session and listening to the audio for 21 days, I saw my son change before my very eyes. He became more confident, the anxiety and panic attacks disappeared. He wakes up with a smile and whistles and hums songs. That is a sign that he feels happy and content. He is also able to remain calm in challenging situations and has no more suicidal thoughts. I also noticed that he is much more sociable than ever before. He tells me that he feels healed of all his problems because of RTT. I am forever grateful that we found Sandra and the thorough approach she took to help my son. I recommend RTT to everyone because it really works and has changed my son from a very unhappy boy to a cheerful and happy young man.