Six weeks ago I was with Sandra for a first session. Three hours later I walked out the door onto the Keizersgracht and felt that something good had happened to me. A nice feeling, a bit indefinable, not knowing what would come of it.

In the past 6 weeks, a real transformation has taken place. I feel more comfortable in my own skin. I am optimistic and cheerful.

My environment also notices this, especially my family. The connection is stronger and more intense. I have energy to get things done. I can honestly say that the confidence in my abilities has never been better. I feel confident and make good decisions. I feel responsible for my life and my destiny.

After three weeks I called Sandra that I was also ready to stop smoking, and whether I could make an appointment for that.

I smoked for 35 years and made several attempts to quit, but I was never sufficiently motivated or convinced. The session was scheduled and the weekend before, in preparation, I had to write down each time why I lit a cigarette. That was the moment I put out my final cigarette. I don’t smoke anymore and I will never smoke again. I feel so good and confident now. The session was no longer necessary. Great side-effect.

In the past I have sought and found several types of help to deal with my childhood traumas. The result was always short-lived.

RTT works. I can heartily recommend it. In any case, RTT has helped me enormously. Sandra is a great therapist, empathetic and understanding. In short; great therapy. Thanks Sandra.